kyodie peach single 50

50 ml

kyodie peach single 750

750 ml

A unique blend of tart granny smith apples

35% abv / 70 proof

Leading with fresh peach on the front and notes of cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar emerging on the smooth finish.

peach whiskey faq

What’s in Kyodie Peach Whiskey?
Kyodie Peach Whiskey is a perfect blend of bold whiskey spice, sweet, juicy peach flavor, and select other ingredients.
Does Sip Shine make Kyodie Peach Whiskey?
No. Kyodie Peach Whiskey is owned by the Brodie Wilkinson family, which also produces Kyodie Ravin’ Apple Whiskey.
Where is Kyodie Peach Whiskey made?
All Kyodie spirits are made in the heart of San Diego and have been since 1974.
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