Caramel Apple Shine-a-Latte

Caramel & Apple Flavored Shine

Enjoy the tart, sweet taste of apple and caramel with a hint of roasted Colombian coffee beans in our Caramel Apple Shine-A-Latte. Made with all natural ingredients for a taste that’s so rich and smooth, and sips easy like Sunday morning.

50ml caramel apple

50 ml

caramel 750

750 ml

caramel 1.75


The perfect start to a fall morning

unaged whiskey (moonshine)

20% abv / 40 proof

Slight taste of Columbian Coffee Bean roasted to perfection paired with a tart Granny Smith Apple and a sweet taste of caramel.

shine-a-latte faq

What are the ingredients in your Shine-A-Latte?
We use three simple ingredients to make this delightful shine – roasted Colombian coffee beans, tart Granny Smith apples, and caramel to give it a sweet taste.
Why do you call it ‘Shine’?
To avoid being taxed on the liquor and spirits they made, farmers resorted to making their spirits in secret at night, under the light of the moon. That’s how the name, ‘moonshine’ originated.
Does your Caramel Apple Shine-A-Latte contain alcohol?
Yes. Our Shine-A-Latte is a true Shine. It contains 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).
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