Shine Berry Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea & Berries Flavored Shine

Shineberry Sweet Tea isn’t your dear, old grandma’s sweet tea. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. This sun-soaked sweet tea has a refreshingly crisp raspberry impression that goes well on its own, over ice, or as a sweet addition to any tea to make your favorite spiked drink.

50ml shine berry

50 ml

shine berry 750

750 ml

shine berry 1.75


this isn’t your grandma’s sweet tea!

unaged whiskey (moonshine)

20% abv / 40 proof

Sun-soaked-inspired sweet tea with a delicious raspberry finish. Goes great on its own, over ice, or a sweet addition to any tea for your favorite spiked drink.

shine berry faq

Can I order your Shines from your website?
Yes, you can! When you click on the ‘Order Online’ or ‘Order Now’ buttons, they will take you to one of our fine retailers who will be happy to fill your order right online!
What’s the best way to drink your Shine Berry Sweet Tea?
All our Shines are made with the freshest, best-flavored ingredients so you can enjoy their taste all alone, or mixed with spirits, coffee, or tea.
How is your Shine Berry Sweet Tea sold?
You can get our delightful Shine Berry Sweet Tea in convenient 4-pack cans, or in bottles with three different sizes: 50ml, 750ml, and 1.75liter.
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