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Gannett Peak WHISKEY

43%  –  86 PROOF  –  750ML

This delightfully smooth, great tasting whiskey comes from Wyoming and is named for the tallest mountain peak in the state. We age our Gannett Peak Whiskey for two and a half years, so you can enjoy the blend of heavy caramel, vanilla, cocoa, roasted nuts, and a slight rye spice capped off in a truly American-made bottle.

All elements of Gannett Peak are American-made, from the tape to the printing to the rye.

where it started

thicc redneck johnny – creator of Gannett Peak

Johnny has always called the “Cowboy State” home. The challenges of western cattle farmers, a love for whiskey and the opportunities brought by social media capture the true essence of Gannett Peak. In 2021, Johnny saw the need for a truly American blue-collar made whiskey made by a cowboy, for a cowboy. Partnering with some of the best distilling minds in the American landscape, he was able to achieve just that. After a long day, sit back with us and enjoy a glass, neat, on the rocks, or combined with your favorite mixer and live life at its peak.

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break the ice &
fall in love

The official state motto of Wyoming is “Equal Rights”. But not all whiskeys are created equal. Towering 13,804 feet above the Wyoming landscape is Gannett Peak. That name defines the high expectations for our Gannett Peak Whiskey. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love with this exceptional western-inspired, blended whiskey.

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that’s not all

gitchaasip of our other brands

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