Razz-Berry Shineade

Berries & Lemonade Flavored Shine

Razz-Berry Shineade starts with tart, refreshing lemonade that we blend perfectly to give it a cool, sweet, raspberry finish. So refreshing over ice on a hot day all by itself, or add orange juice to make your own Sex on a Beach.

50ml razz berry shine

50 ml

razz 750

750 ml

razz 1.75


a tart reminder of lemonade blended with a cool raspberry finish

unaged whiskey (moonshine)

20% abv / 40 proof

This shine goes great by itself on a hot day over ice or add a splash of orange juice for your very own sex on the beach.

razz-berry faq

Are your shines real moonshine?
Yes, they are. All our shines are made with unaged whiskey, 20% ABV (alcohol by volume). They are true moonshine drinks.
Where do you make your moonshine?
minerals, and the best distilling and flavors in the country for an exceptional taste experience. Every sip is better than the last.
Is your Razz-Berry Shineade only available during the summer?
No sirree! Our Razz-Berry Shineade is available all year long at your favorite quality retailers so you can enjoy the taste of summer anytime!
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