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More Than Just
A Moonshine

Sip Shine has set out on a mission to reinvent an age-old spirit. We craft the easiest-sipping Shine in the Great Lakes region, using the best distilling processes and flavors in the country to give our Shine a sweet and flavorful taste. Every sip is better than the last thanks to the delicate precision that our master distillers put into their trade.
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Not So
Slim Pickins’

For the occasions when you have a hankering for a social sip, we have a bevy of delightful options to choose from – our Sip Shine flavors, Slushies, Gannett Peak Whiskey and Kyodie Whiskeys.

Sip Shine Moonshine

A smooth, easy-sipping moonshine inspired by the mountains of eastern Tennessee and born on the shores of the Great Lakes.

Sip Shine Slushies

Cold, refreshing, and delightful, enjoy our easy sipping array of moonshine flavors over crushed ice.

Kyodie Whiskey

Our Kyodie Whiskey comes in two delightful fruit flavors – Peach Whiskey and Ravin’ Apple Whiskey – perfectly blended with bold, whiskey spices.

Gannett Peak whiskey

This smooth, great-tasting whiskey comes from Wyoming and is named after the tallest mountain peak in the state.

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