Kyodie Apple Whiskey

Kyodie Ravin Apple Whiskey opens with a nice Granny Smith apple aroma with a hint of cream and chocolate.

kyodie apple single 50

50 ml

kyodie apple single 750

750 ml

A unique blend of tart granny smith apples

35% abv / 70 proof

On the tongue, you will enjoy a tart candied apple with a blend of vanilla.

apple whiskey faq

Where can I buy Kyodie Ravin’ Apple Whiskey?

Check with your favorite liquor store. If they don’t have it, you can buy it from a host of online wine and spirit liquor stores.

What is the alcohol content of Kyodie Apple Whiskey?

Our Kyodie Whiskies are 35% ABV and sold in 750ml quantities.

Does Kyodie Apple Whiskey blend well in cocktails?

Thanks to its smooth and sweet flavors, Kyodie Ravin’ Apple Whiskey blends perfectly in a host of popular cocktails, like a New York Sour or an Apple Cherry Old Fashioned.

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