Arnold Shine

Tea & Lemonade Flavored Shine

This easy-sippin’ shine is the perfect blend of whiskey, tea, and lemonade for a delightfully smooth and refreshing taste, made with all natural ingredients from the Great Lakes region so every sip is better than the last!

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50 ml

arnold shine 750

750 ml

arnold shine 1.75


This shine has a place in every golf bag!

unaged whiskey (moonshine)

20% abv / 40 proof

Have it over ice for a king experience or mix it with tea and lemonade for your own Arnold Shine spiked cocktail.

arnold shine faq

What’s in Arnold Shine?
Whiskey, lemonade and caramel, blended in perfect balance for a cool, smooth, easy sippin’ shine.
Why do they call it Arnold Shine?

It’s actually named after a legendary golfer who was not only known as a master of golf, but a master of knowing how to relax with a refreshing drink.

Can I mix Arnold Shine with other beverages?
Yes, indeed. The sweet, smooth taste of Arnold Shine mixes perfectly with iced tea or lemonade. Or enjoy it all by itself over ice.
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